15TH Annual Lantern Festival

15th annual Lantern Festival set for July 18 at Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain


FYI, Gund Kwok will be performing at the Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain tomorrow, July 18 at 7PM. The event is free and additional performances include drumming, Japanese dance and much more. It ends at 9PM.

The Forest Hills Educational Trust is pleased to announce that the 15th annual Lantern Festival will be held on Thursday, July 18th (raindate: July 25). A much-loved community event for Jamaica Plain, as well as Greater Boston, the Lantern Festival draws its inspiration from the Japanese Bon Festival — a celebration each year when a door opens to the world of their ancestors allowing loved ones to send messages to the other side. It is a time when neighbors come together to share stories, celebrate, and honor the memories of loved ones. Enjoy multicultural performances and the warmth of the greater Boston community at this special annual event!

For more information, visit The Forest Hills Educational Trust website OR read about it on Boston.com.

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