Natalie Nakase, the First Asian American Female in Pro Basketball

and now? she’s gunning to be the first female to coach in the NBA.

Natalie Nakase
Natalie Nakase as the first Asian American player in the National Women’s Basketball League as a member of the San Jose Spiders.

There’s been a lot of focus on Jeremy Lin as well there should be. He’s broken some amazing ground as an Asian American in the college basketball and, now, NBA world. But, let’s also give a shout-out to Nakase who’s a pioneer in the NCAA and NBA in her own right.

She may be quite a few years away from becoming a coach, but Nakase has already claimed many firsts in the athletic industry. Prior to working with the L.A. Clippers, she was the first female coach in the Japanese professional men’s basketball league—despite not being familiar with the language—as well as the first Asian American basketball player in the professional National Women’s basketball league in the U.S. during her college years as a point guard at UCLA. READ MORE

Go Natalie!

[via MochiMag]

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