Natalie Nakase, the First Asian American Female in Pro Basketball

and now? she’s gunning to be the first female to coach in the NBA.

Natalie Nakase
Natalie Nakase as the first Asian American player in the National Women’s Basketball League as a member of the San Jose Spiders.

There’s been a lot of focus on Jeremy Lin as well there should be. He’s broken some amazing ground as an Asian American in the college basketball and, now, NBA world. But, let’s also give a shout-out to Nakase who’s a pioneer in the NCAA and NBA in her own right.

She may be quite a few years away from becoming a coach, but Nakase has already claimed many firsts in the athletic industry. Prior to working with the L.A. Clippers, she was the first female coach in the Japanese professional men’s basketball league—despite not being familiar with the language—as well as the first Asian American basketball player in the professional National Women’s basketball league in the U.S. during her college years as a point guard at UCLA. READ MORE

Go Natalie!

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Pink Is for Girls…Or Is It?

Girls Are Taught To 'Think Pink,' But That Wasn't Always So
Photographer JeongMee Yoon felt her daughter’s life was being overtaken by pink. She illustrated that in her 2006 portrait Seo Woo and Her Pink Things.

Before Gatsby, a 1918 trade catalog for children’s clothing recommended blue for girls. The reasoning at the time was that it’s a “much more delicate and dainty tone,” Finamore says. Pink was recommended for boys “because it’s a stronger and more passionate color, and because it’s actually derived from red.”

To our 21st century ears, all this men in pink stuff may sound a bit blushy. “It’s so deeply entrenched in us and our culture,” says Finamore. “We think of pink as such a girlish color, but it’s really a post-World War II phenomenon.” READ MORE

Astounding how things can change so drastically and become so ingrained.

[via NPR]

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Mongolian Girls Becoming Eagle Hunters to Help Keep Ancient Tradition Dominated by Men Alive

Mongolian girls becoming eagle hunters to help keep ancient tradition dominated by men alive
Eagle hunter Ashol Pan of Mongolia gets an eagle-pat on the head. Photo by Asher Svidensky/Caters News Agency [via Yahoo! News]

A photographer seeking to document the next generation of Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia discovered a 13-year-old girl who has taken to the male-dominated tradition.

Photographer Asher Svidensky made a four-month trek through western Mongolia, mostly on horseback, and found Han Gohadok and his daughter, Ashol Pan, who had expressed a desire to take up the full-time profession that is centuries old.

Good thing, too, since the ancient pastime is said to be a dying part of Mongolian culture, as young men are leaving their families and the hunting duties behind. As a result, more girls are becoming eagle hunters to replace their brothers, according to the Mail Online.


Whoa, those eagles are huge! Kudos to the ladies stepping in and stepping up!

[via Grind TV by way of Yahoo! News]

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US Women’s Hockey Advances to Olympic Gold Medal Game


U.S. forward Julie Chu is a four-time Olympian.
U.S. forward Julie Chu is a four-time Olympian.

In a game that will be remembered for its preposterous shot disparity, the U.S. women’s hockey team advanced to the gold medal game of the Sochi Olympic tournament with a 6-1 semifinal victory over Sweden at Shayba Arena.” Read More

Julie Chu and the rest of the US Ladies’ Olympic Hockey Team have made it to the gold medal game! Really glad that Chu was able to play since she hurt her hand during practice.

At 31 years old, Chu is the oldest member of the U.S. women’s hockey team. She was the 2007 Patty Kazmaier Award winner in college hockey and left Harvard as the NCAA’s all-time leader with 284 points in 129 games.Read More

Let’s go Team USA!

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Tennis Champ Li Na’s Australian Open Winner’s Speech

She is hilarious!

Li Na entertains the crowd with a funny speech after her women’s singles final victory. Li defeated Cibulkova to take out her first Australian Open crown 7-6(3) 6-0.

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Snowboarder Chloe Kim Becomes Youngest Winter X Games Medalist in History

She’s only 13 years old! And I’m still trying to figure out how to turn the other way on the snowboard without eating it.

Wow! Go Chloe!

Over the weekend at the Winter X Games in Aspen, the eighth grader from La Palma, California proved she would have been a podium contender in Sochi, taking second in women’s halfpipe behind veteran Kelly Clark and becoming the youngest Winter X Games medalist in history. Read More

[via Angry Asian Man]

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A Real Toy Ad for Real Girls

Wow. Now THIS is a toy ad!

This is a stupendously awesome commercial from a toy company called GoldieBlox, which has developed a set of interactive books and games to “disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.” The CEO, Debbie Sterling, studied engineering at Stanford, where she was dismayed by the lack of women in her program.

Read More

[via Disgrasian]

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MA girl, 9, becomes youngest US chess expert

Chess Prodigy

Only three years or so since first picking up the game of chess, 9-year-old Carissa Yip can already look down at 93 percent of the more than 51,000 players registered with the U.S. Chess Federation.

She has risen so far up the rankings that she has reached the expert level at a younger age than anyone since the chess federation began electronic record-keeping in 1991, a new level she reached in recent weeks.

Her father, Percy, who taught her until she began beating him within a year, said she could reach master level in as soon as a year.

“Some never reach master level,” he said. “From expert to master, it’s a huge jump.”

Read More

Wow. Kicking ass at the age of 9! You go, Carissa! 🙂

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Girl Power! Malaysia Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association

female members of the Malaysia Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association
female members of the Malaysia Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association

The ladies of the Malaysia Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association representing!

Females are beginning to take centre stage in the predominantly male-centric sport.

For 17-year-old Mariam Abdul Nazar, learning the intricacies of the lion dance has been an eye-opener, not only for her but her family as well.

The plucky teen, who has been taking lessons for the past three years with the Malaysia Khuan Loke Dragon and Lion Dance Association in Sungai Way, said her experience so far has been a roller-coaster of emotions.

Read more about Mariam’s journey into lion dancing here. You go!

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