Dragon Dance Trial Class Sign-Up! Mon, April 7 @ 6:30PM-9PM

The Gund Kwok Asian Women’s Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe is hosting a FREE trial class for Asian women in the Greater Boston area.

Where have I seen your troupe before?
Many places! Here’s a short list: Chinatown Lunar New Year Celebration, Quincy Lunar New Year Celebration, BU’s Origins Culture Show, and on TV and in movies: The Departed!

What is Gund Kwok?
Gund Kwok, which means heroine in Chinese, symbolizes women’s power and strength. We are a team of dynamic Asian American women of all ages, professional backgrounds, and personalities! Check out the unique GK experience on NPR!

What is Dragon Dance?
The dragon dance is a highlight of Chinese New Year and other major celebrations held worldwide in Chinatowns around the world. Check out our moves!

What is a trial class?
A trial class is open to all Asian American women of all ages and is an opportunity to try Dragon Dance. You will be given an introduction of Dragon Dance, followed by a warm up, and then off to get under the dragon!

Hope to see you there!

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Lion Dance and…Georgetown cupcakes!

Chinese Lion made out of cupcakes by Georgetown Cupcake

Source: tlc.howstuffworks.com via Addie on Pinterest

Chinese Lion made out of cupcakes by Georgetown Cupcake, “So You Think You Can Lion Dance” episode of DC Cupcakes.

Surfing around Netflix a few weeks back, I checked out a DC Cupcakes episode with lion dance in an episode title. Seriously?

So, of course, I had to check it out. It was pretty cool how it was constructed — they even added a fireworks type mechanism so that confetti would explode out of the mouth. Umm…that part was a little odd.

The sweet treat was commissioned for an Asian Pacific Heritage event.

Kudos to the — perhaps, very first? — lion dance cupcake!

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A Blast from the Past: Kevin Spacey

Back in 2008, the movie 21 starring Kevin Spacey came out in movie theatres all over the country.

And guess who made the cut? We did 🙂

Check out some of the scenes that were shot in Boston’s Chinatown. It was a very long night.

Gund Kwok, on the set of 21 starring Kevin Spacey
Look at the Dragonettes, aka dragon dance ladies, whip that dragon!


Gund Kwok, on the set of 21 starring Kevin Spacey
Not sure how many times we had to run around, but it did get dark and they did have to break out the flood lights.
Gund Kwok, on the set of 21 starring Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey, the man himself, with our dragon being held by our Troupe founder/leader Cheng Imm Tan.


All in all, it was thrilling, fun, exciting, and tiring. We made the cut this time so if you ever watch the movie, you’ll see us for like 10 seconds 😛

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