Refinements and back-to-basics

Gund Kwok Asian Women's Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe
Refining a routine for an upcoming performance and making sure that before we do anything that we’ve got the horse stance down first

We switched it up a bit during our warm-ups — incorporated some nice circuit training which got our hearts pumping. We did some laps around the space, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and burpees…over and over again 😛

After doing some final stretch-outs, we broke off into two teams. Team A practiced for an upcoming wedding performance and Team B worked on refining some core moves like the “horse stance”…

an important posture in Asian martial arts and takes its name from the position assumed when riding a horse. It is called mǎbù (馬步) in Chinese, kiba-dachi (騎馬立ち?) in Japanese, kuda-kuda in Indonesian, kekuda in Malay, asvavadivu in Malayalam, and juchum seogi or annun seogi (lit. sitting stance) in Korean. This stance can not only be integrated into fighting but also during exercises and forms. It is most commonly used for practicing punches or to strengthen the legs and back.Read More

It was a great night…albeit a tad bit humid.

I think it’s safe to say that summer is finally here 🙂

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