Practice Drill Face-Offs and Clean-Up

lion dance drills
two, three, and four 1-minute face-offs

This week’s work-out was brought to you by sprints, burpees, ab crushers, face-offs, and…den clean-up!

My quads are still sore from last night’s warm-up and face-off drills. We did all this while also Clorox-ing the heck out of our music room which houses all the drums, cymbals, benches, and other gear. The clean-up was only part two of the effort as our dragon dance teammates worked on the other half of the space the other week.

It was definitely a team effort.

After a pretty intense warm-up of cardio, sprints and a whole lot of abs, we started moving all the stuff from the music room out. And while we were waiting for the Clorox to dry out, we got some lion heads and went on to do some drills for a minute, facing-off from two lions which then somehow increased to three and then four.

Toward the end, we threw in some jump and lift training.

Before we knew it, time was up. We bowed out together to end practice and then, of course, some of us went for some much-needed chow.

Great night all-in-all 🙂

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