Our Mission

Listen to this NPR segment featuring the troupe (by Hansi Lo Wang, January 2014)



Traditionally, because lion and dragon dance require discipline, skill and mastery and represent a symbol of power, courage and justice, it was denied to women. The Gund Kwok Asian Women Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe was created to achieve the following goals:

To provide Asian women an opportunity to challenge ourselves to live a life of no limits and break through stereotypes and limited roles (bigger life) through building a respectful and supportive Asian women’s community and through achieving excellence in the performance art of lion and dragon dancing.

  • To give Asian women the opportunity to learn and perform a traditional Chinese martial art form that has not been performed by women.
  • To challenge women to realize their physical potential and achieve excellence in a supportive environment.
  • To showcase Asian women’s power and strength through excellence in performance
  • To empower Asian women to be their best selves to build teamwork and collaboration and use their coice towards connection and building a positive environment where Asian women can thrive
  • To value and support Asian women’s leadership.
  • To contribute back to the community by donating some funds to projects that focus on empowering Asian women and girls.