10 Reasons Why You Should Lion / Dragon Dance with Gund Kwok

GUND KWOK, Asian Women's Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe | Boston, MA USA

You’re thinking about doing lion/dragon dance. So, just do it already — SIGN-UP! But, if you need more reasons, here are 10 to help you say, “Yes!” to lion/dragon dance with Gund Kwok.


1. Become stronger and more flexible! You’ll gain 20+ workout buddies who won’t let you quit.

2. Eat, eat & eat lots of food — after practice, random hang-outs, and GK parties. Be prepared!

3. Compete with the men and be as good as they are!

4. Film a movie or TV scene with Matt Damon, Kevin Spacey, and Samantha Brown…not to name-drop or anything 😛

5. Need a space to yell and scream? We do a LOT of it here. The louder, the better.

6. Have everyone think you are badass because you will be one.

7. Clothing swaps. We like to get together and swap clothes that actually fit Asian women.


8. Built-in sisterhood. Have your own group of cheerleaders following you everywhere.

9. Have bragging rights to doing something none of your friends can do.

10. Finally — and, most important — become powerful in everything you do. Live a bigger life!

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Tennis Champ Li Na’s Australian Open Winner’s Speech

She is hilarious!

Li Na entertains the crowd with a funny speech after her women’s singles final victory. Li defeated Cibulkova to take out her first Australian Open crown 7-6(3) 6-0.

[via digg]

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Asian Women: Most Wanted on Dating Scene

New data shows that of all races, everyone prefers dating Asian Women the most. Funny lady Kristina Wong breaks down how hot an Asian woman is in this AMAZING interview with “Alicia Menendez Tonight” and Josh Fischer of Facebook’s “Are you Interested?” app. On the Fusion Network.

haha — well done, Kristina Wong. Well done.

[via Hyphen]

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2013 Gund Kwok Troupe Photo

Gund Kwok Last Supper

Check out our 2013 team photo based off of “The Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

It was a fun shoot that we did right after our August Moon performance. Some of us were starving a bit so the props ended up being eaten. More team photo featuring all our members — “Cubs” too — on the way.

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