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Gund Kwok, which means heroine in Chinese, symbolizes women’s power and strength. Traditionally, women’s power, strength and intelligence have been unacknowledged and hidden from public view. An old Chinese saying, “A heroine will not admit defeat to the hero” expresses women’s hidden power.

Gund Kwok, the only Asian Women Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe in the United States, was established in February of 1998 to give Asian women an opportunity to express their creativity, power and strength through performing the lion and dragon dances. The lion and dragon dances are art forms which require martial arts discipline, endurance, flexibility and creativity.

The lion and dragon dance are not only looked upon as the skillful display of strength and artistry but as the discipline of mind and body. Externally, it is a full body workout and enhances health. It is also the cultivation of inner strength and self discipline to receive life’s challenges with grace and elegance.  It represents a symbol of power and courage and has traditionally been denied to women. Gund Kwok gives Asian women the opportunity to cultivate and express these essential qualities as well as their connection to their cultures and traditions.

Gund Kwok is a performing troupe of diverse Asian women of varying ages and occupations. Ten-week trial classes are offered to prospective members several times a year. Regular troupe members meet once a week to practice routines, refine techniques, increase strength and endurance, build community and teamwork and prepare for performances. Gund Kwok performs year-round at a variety of events and occasions, ranging from weddings, special functions, celebrations, to major festivals in and out of Massachusetts and has been featured in The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Boston Metro and local TV news stations.

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